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Puppy Care Guide

Play and Rest:

Treat your new puppy as you would a new born baby.  We recommend that you make the first few days together as calm as possible.  Remember this is a very traumatic time for a small puppy.  They will play until they drop.  They actually may play so much that they are too tired to eat, which is not good for them.  Especially be aware of the amount of time children play with the puppy.  Puppies like babies need rest time and naps.
Please feed your puppy premium grade puppy food.  KEEP DRY FOOD and WATER in front of your There tummies are small and can't hold a lot at a time that's why it is important to LEAVE OUT DRY FOOD ALL THE TIME until the puppy is 6 months old.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE FOODS until the puppy is use to your home & New life about 3 to 4 weeks. Then if you do change food do it gradually.
Vitamin Supplements:
Nutri-Stat or Nutri-Cal should be given to your puppy twice a day.  Place a nickle to a dime size amount in their mouth or let them lick it off your finger.
Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar affects many toy breeds of puppies especially extremely tiny puppies.  
Symptoms:  It can be recognized by a healthy puppy suddenly becoming weak, listless, depressed and even unable to stand or walk.  Advanced stages include seizures before lapsing into a coma and sometimes followed by death.  If your puppy becomes hypoglycemic, it is very important that you react IMMEDIATELY!!!!!
Treatment:  Give the puppy Nutri-Stat , Nutri-Cal or light Karo Syrup.  You can also take 4 tablespoons of Sugar to 1 cup of water and syringe slowly into the side of the mouth if the other 3 products are not available.   If the puppy is to weak to take it put it on your finger and rub it on the roof of its mouth.  HIS/HER LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!! Keep the puppy warm at all times and rub the puppy very easy. It maybe necessary to give the puppy a couple of doses.   If the puppy does not respond, GET IT TO A VET IMMEDIATELY! Hypoglycemia can occur without warning if a puppy is placed in a new home, misses a meal, or is otherwise stressed.  You must remember that puppies eat very small amounts, yet they exert large amounts of energy. YOUR PUPPY SHOULD EAT 3 TIMES A DAY.  Hypoglycemia, usually happens when the puppy is adjusting to a new home ,is not eating,
has diarrhea or vomiting.   If this happens contact your Vet immediately!
We recommend that you not leave your puppy alone for the first 24 Hours so that you can moniter his food and water intake this will combat any dehydration or hypoglycemia, always monitor food and water intake.
Shots and Worming:
Do not forget to keep up with your puppy's shots puppies must have them all for protection.  Your puppy should also be wormed continuously they do reoccur.

Hair Care:

If your puppy has long hair please remember to keep his bottom shaved or trimmed. Sometimes the poo poo can get caught up in the hair and keep your puppy from being able to go potty. This can cause serious problems and even death.

Potty training

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